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Schools Division Superintendent


A critical component of DepED Iligan City Division’s program of governance is the promotion of transparency and accountability at all levels of its organization. Its initiatives to improve the efficiency of transactions have resulted in the formulation of a Citizen’s Charter which will serve as a guide to avoid unnecessary delays in the delivery of services.

The Charter contains a detailed procedure for citizens needing to avail of its frontline services. It also introduces a step-by-step process for new and more effective approaches on administrative regulations such as hastening the application for and processing of public documents.

Intending to weed out the amount and complexity of government formalities and paperwork, the Division has shifted to a formative brand of service which places public interests above its own personal and local pursuits.

Hence, the DepED Iligan City Division Citizen’s Charter on R.A. 9485 otherwise known as “The Anti-Red Tape Act” is hereby presented.

Performance Pledge

We, the officials and employees of the Department of Education, Division of Iligan City, commit to:

  1. Serve the clientele promptly, effectively and efficiently with utmost courtesy from Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM – 12:00 NOON and 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM;
  2. Ensure strict compliance with service standards to avoid delays in frontline services;
  3. Respond to your complaint about our services the soonest or within tolerable time through our public assistant desk;
  4. Value every clientele’s comments, suggestions, and needs; and
  5. Empower the public 40 hours in a week access to information on the Division’s programs, policies, projects and other services through the following Telephone Numbers:
SDS Office 221 – 6069
ASDS Office 223 – 2780
Promotional Staff 223 – 0525
Private School’s Unit 223 – 3090
ALS Unit 223 – 8251
Administrative Officer V Office 223 – 2271
Medical/Dental Section 223 – 3134
Accounting Section 223 – 2720
Personnel Section 223 – 0526
Cashier’s Section 223 – 5591
Planning Unit 225 – 4315
Supply Section 225 – 4316
Records Section 221 – 3815
Nimfa R. Lago, Ph.D.

Nimfa R. Lago, Ph.D.

Assistant Schools Division Superintendent


Organizational Chart